Three Reasons to Sell Your Home

Deciding when to sell your home can be confusing – particularly with so much conflicting advice and information available.

The truth is, the “right time” to sell your home is dependent on your own situation, lifestyle and circumstances.

Here are three reasons why you might decide it’s time to sell.

1. Future plans

If your home is feeling too small and you are planning to expand your household (with children – or maybe even furbabies!), then moving to a bigger house that can accommodate your needs is a good idea.

Similarly, if you’re living in an ‘empty nest’ with far more space available than you need, consider downsizing to a home that meets your new requirements.

It’s important that your home grows (or in some cases shrinks!) with you!

2. Location frustration

The suburb you live in is incredibly important to your lifestyle. An area that may have been the perfect fit a few years ago, might be inconvenient now for reasons like your job isn’t nearby, your child’s school is in a different area or your home isn’t close enough to family and friends.

Location is paramount. If where you’re living is no longer cutting it, it may be time to move.

3. Desire to upgrade

Being in the fortunate financial position to upgrade your living environment is enviable. Often an improvement in your financial standing will encourage you to upgrade your home.

Alternatively, your current home may be a little run down, and instead of renovating, you might decide to sell and move to a new home not plagued with the same issues.